Friday, March 24, 2006

from farts to fruit and back again

oh, pureheart, how i love thee.

sorry for the dearth in posting. haven't felt particularly posty. i figure, perhaps if i write something, the pithy content comes later. to those who are of the easily-offended variety, i apologize in advance for a most unsavory entry.

speaking of pithy, i am reminded of my humiliating experience with color commentating. i was struggling with a good way to explain my feelings on a performance in a manner that joe lunchbucket can understand. with furrowed brow, i muttered, "it's hard to be substantive without being pithy." my brilliant, seasoned co-host winced at me like she just accidentally walked into my fart cloud. "oh my gawd! who even talks like that?!" i will always be an insufferable word nerd at heart.

speaking of fart clouds, my other present obsession [besides checking things off casey and my shared to-do list] is fruit. i have become quite the fructivore: bowls of berries with fat-free vanilla yogurt on top, perfectly sized pureheart watermelons, gala apples, just-ripe bananas. i ran a buncha errands yesterday and noticed it just doesn't take that much to pollute the red sled's air quality. i can leave and come back, and it's still kinda wrong in there. i am pretty certain a few commuters waiting on addison to get on the kennedy saw me pull the single-cheek sneak, make a face, and then slide open the sunroof. the sled may not have a CD player, air-conditioning, or a flawless chassis, but by golly, she's got an electric sunroof. this will be a must-have on my next car.

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