Monday, October 09, 2006

camping and the constitution

otto's serious about gun control

this weekend, we took our little granola-in-the-making for the ultimate crunchy christening -- the camping trip. he probably slept better out there in the wilds of wisconsin than at home. this kid's got a metabolism that wont quit and is always roasting hot so, bundled up right, he seemed to feel just fine. casey and i enjoyed doing very little but reading; rubbing sore backs; snoozing in the sun; and making yummy campsite fare like scrambled eggs in an iron skillet, hot vanilla soymilk to drink, and red beans and rice. we didn't see any wildlife [i think it's hunting season because we heard gunshots] but we did hear coyotes at night. freaky. if you haven't already seen them on casey's blog, here are the great photos from the weekend.

speaking of gunshots and chil'ens, can someone please explain to me why there are so many kids with firearms shooting up their schools this year? we're only into october and the number of shootings is truly alarming. i've said it before and i'll say it again: all the violence makes you start to really respect the commitment some parents make to homeschool, at least for elementary school years. just today, i heard a junior high boy took an ak-47 to his principal's office, pointed the barrel at the personnel and begged them "not to make (him) do it". when i was in junior high, i was too worried about salt stains on my black suede scrunch boots and if my rat tail was still pink to even know or care what a kalashnikov was. i think it's high time for this government to consider whether the second amendment needs some mending. it's been 230 years -- it seems to me to be a little tattered and threadbare for my liking.

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