Tuesday, December 04, 2007

can't get any easier

for 35 years, my appreciation for how challenging it is to celebrate my december 20 birthday has had time to mellow and cure. let's face it: christmas and new year's take up so much energy and concentration that, try as you might, it's just harder to really devote any large amount of energy toward yet another quasi-holiday. i feel for you of mixed- faith households. my god, can you imagine having to push a baby out on that day? i would have just sunk to the bottom of the tub like a rock from sheer exhaustion... my poor mama.

perhaps i have a severely overblown idea of what birthdays are supposed to be like, but when you grow up knowing everyone will be in florida or mexico or the caribbean over winter break and you're at the snoop shop, possibly the 80's most exciting north shore birthday party destination ever, for your eagerly anticipated birthday party, and you're licking your severely chapped lips while painting your oversized hamburger plaster plaque all by your lonesome while a treacherous amount of snow falls outside, just the notion of getting to hand out treats during homeroom to throngs of sugar-crazed kids seems like most exciting, self-celebratory moment ever. we won't even mention how absolutely decadent it seemed to have actual birthday gifts that aren't piggy-backed with another holiday's gifts were.

okay: call the waah-mbulance already. my point is, i'm older and wiser and have gained perspective. i have learned that, if you want fabulosity on your birthday, you've gotta roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty. as dirty as your computer keyboard, anyway.

if you were planning on giving me a gift for my birthday, i've gone ahead and taken all the guesswork out for you. you can find everything my greedy little heart desires at:


now, you don't have to spend any time schlepping aimlessly through the mall, sweating your ass off in your winter coat, resisting the intoxicating aroma from auntie anne's, trying to find a gift that, heck, i might end up having some kind of nervous breakdown over anyway. instead, with a little clickety-click, you've gifted, and you can come celebrate my 35th with me!

oh! and even better? you can use that list for christmas, too! woot! see? double-dipping those holidays really does pay off!

now, what day works best for you? friday the 21st? saturday the 22? or sunday the 23rd?

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