Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Teaching Cancer to Cry

I just want to share an amazing, amazing blog called Teaching Cancer to Cry. It is written by a man in New York City who has Stage IV terminal Colorectal cancer who has decided, after undergoing some grueling surgeries and ass-kicking chemotherapies, to stop treatment. 

In many ways, I find our experiences so similar. He was a dancer, he builds bikes, he loves music and cooking, and he's almost exactly a year younger than me so, yeah, we share so many of the same Sagittarian characteristics: voraciously creative, never fully resigning oneself to conventional adulthood, and blunt as all get-out. I totally think that he and his beautiful dancer wife would be fast friends with us and our other beloved best-couple-friends, the Kearnses. They lived in NY, he loves bikes, they both love cooking, and they share our same urban-dwelling aesthetic.

I literally read his entire blog from start to finish on our car ride to Detroit. 

You should check it out:

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