Tuesday, July 11, 2006

dateline segment on hypnobirthing

as some of you know, i'm doing a self-study course for childbirth hypnosis called hypnobabies. it's an adaptation of hypnobirthing and is very similar in principle but allows for movement during the birthing process instead of just remaining in a deepened state in the lithotomy position [on your back], the most common yet most physiologically challenging position in which to birth. as i get nearer and nearer to my birthing time, i soak up reinforcement thirstily -- positive encouragement and support is the key to success with any hypnosis [for all you kibbitzing armchair obstetricians out there]. this totally hit the nail on the head for me.

[[click here to open in windows media]]

it's about 25 minutes long but the dateline segment [14 minutes in] is the part really worth watching the most. the first part is an ad for a hypnobirthing instructor. i'm not 100% sure why -- maybe because it's something i want so desperately -- but watching the first time mom's peaceful, perfect birth just had me weeping. when all the people were scrambling to get the room ready for the second woman's birth [it had progressed so quickly], i chuckled through my tears. i keep hearing how hypnosis exceeds expectations and it's funny to see that in action, but a bummer that all the chaos [look at all the people! urgh!] broke her concentration momentarily.

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