Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the nose knows: my type

have you ever figured out what you think makes someone attractive? i think i've distilled exactly what does it for me. according to my highly scientific research, the secret equation to someone's hotness is:

beautiful bone structure + full lips + large or lumpy nose = scrumptious

i'm serious. here are those that have helped me arrive at this calculation:

exhibit a - owen wilson

exquisite cheekbones and chin? check. big, pouty lips? check. pendulous proboscis? ding, ding ding! delicious!

exhibit b - elizabeth hurley

she has a perfectly fragile, symmetrical face and a strong enough chin and lips to balance out a slightly bulbous schnozz. i hope she doesn't go dr. 90210 on us and get it bobbed -- she's my girl crush, y'all.

exhibit c - mi quesito

the ultimate in hottness with almond shaped eyes, a squarely chiseled chin, juicy lips, and a shameless nose. no wonder i stared at his profile so hard when we met, sipping my northside tea, six years ago. i had no choice -- i had to marry him. i just didn't really get why at the time.

i now understand why, also, i put up with this one on-again/off-again boyfriend's crap for so many years -- he was middle eastern with big, long lashed brown cow-eyes, a huge smacker, long and luscious black curls, and hello, a nose with its own zipcode.

i wonder what makes this combination so compelling to me. ever though about what components make your type?

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