Monday, August 20, 2007

i never got into greek guys, but...

casey and i watched 300 last night. i have to say i really enjoyed it quite a bit. the story is really rather simple, and the cinematography is breathtaking, but i have to say i enjoyed feasting my eyes on some very fit, very attractive men.

i'm totally not one for beefcake at all, but good gracious, if women have a reptile brain, then by golly, mine was slithering. i kinda figured that the makeup artist had enhanced the faces and bodies of the actors, and at one point, when the light was just so, everyone's chiseled abs just sort of melted away. after seeing photographs of gerard butler, the actor who played luscious leonidas, i have to say the makeup artist should win an oscar. he's not bad looking, but he ain't no sexy spartan either.

here he is on the left, looking quite kingly on the set...

... and in real life. [yawn]


Anonymous said...

Your nuts, Gerard is one of the best looking guys in years, have you not seen Phantom of the Opera, or Cradle of Life, he is very much so a Spartan. Makeup can not do that much magic, I am a makeup artist and wig designer, so I know what I am talking about. Your just a little nuts,

p said...

i may be nuts, but at least i write my nuttiness with correct grammar. my guess is makeup artists and wig designers don't need to finish the eight grade?

Anonymous said...

I really don't think it was just the make up and workout that made him a good spartan. He's a good actor. I think he drew his character from being a Glaswegian.

The region around glasgow is very harsh. The rain marches up and down the west coast at freezing temperatures and is often horizontal. Sometimes there are months of only 4 hours of sunlight a day. Your face turns bright red from being lashed with this freezing rain for 9 months of the year and golf umbrellas sell well in stratchclyde as everything else gets blown away in seconds. Small villages around glasgow are fairly tribal and even the accent changes a bit from town to town.

As a tribe Glaswegians are not exactly cuddly. Their way of showing affection and love generally is by promising to kill anyone who touches you. I am not saying he does that! But it isn't an uncommon attitude.

There's an attitude round that way that is memorably perfect for making modern spartans.

and, yeah, he is a hot bitch really. It's pleasing to see someone get out of there and use that kind of life experience productively.

A certain amount of abandon gets injected into your personality that goes with dealing with life in glasgow. It's place that if you let it affect you, can made you quite hard, and one crazier than your adversaries.

Anonymous said...

ha ha, I came across this by accident and I must say, I absolutely agree! I didn't think I would like 300 and ended up keeping the movie! ("all the porn I'll ever need" I tell my gal But when I went looking for who played this hunky king, I was ever so slighty disheartened. . .I should have known men don't look this wonderfully primal nowadays (gotdamn metrosexuals!! :) ). Gerard Butler is a handsome man. . .but he's no King Leonidas. . . despite playing King Leonidas. . .:p. But his scottish accent does redeem him a bit. At least this way I can daydream readily about the his character without tabloid stories about his affairs with lame celebs (i.e. Naomi Campbell) putting a damper on things :). so one Chicagoan to another- kudos on this post.