Friday, November 30, 2007

holiday spirit in a virtual box

though the holidays instill anxiety in so many, i am actually finding the christmas spirit is lessening the a sense of dread i usually feel as i draw closer and closer to the dance competition season. soon, my life will be filled with:
  • papercuts on chapped, raynaud's-afflicted digits

  • visits to kinko's to make endless copies where i bask in the winter sun through the window in efforts to lessen any seasonal affective disorder

  • compulsively checking the mainframe like a freak for new entries again and again

  • weeknights getting lost in the dark while driving back from the north shore suburbs after coaching for some freelance ducats

as i dive headfirst into the logistical soup that is staffing my events for starters, i dial up a station on pandora called "jazz holidays". instantly, i am craving:

  • celebrating birthday after birthday with laughter-filled meals

  • cozy scarves, warm socks and my mega-heavy boots

  • trips to starbucks for delicious holiday drinks and snacks

  • back and foot rubs on the couch with family, snuggled under blankets

  • the sense of accomplishment i feel looking at all the gifts on my list purchased and beautifully wrapped

heck, i might not even object to breaking out our spartan collection of christmas decorations... if we could just figure out how to do a tree now that otto is walking.

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