Monday, December 27, 2004

you're a mean one, mrs. grinch...

with the imminent culmination of our second floor construction, two back-to-back competitions, and a birthday, i've had little time to share my black-hearted, mean-spirited observations with everyone. we didn't do a tree, christmas ornaments, cards, nothing, but i guess we never do. i don't even collect ornaments for a tree -- the thought of having another live, shedding thing in my house makes my stomach acid churn.

as we hurdled all the obstacles in our way toward reaching that christmas spirit, we did manage to bake yummy sugar cookies for our neighbors on both sides, my sisters, and my mom and step dad while making what proved to be a disappointing vegetarian mushroom and nut terrine for saturday. the day of baking was not without its grinchiness -- fantasy football is a foe of teamwork -- but we managed to present green-ribbon festooned tins to our friends and loved ones.

in one last great heaving wretch of holiday cheer, we donned our gay apparel [emphasis on gay]. we agreed to surprise my family rocking out the thrift-store christmas threads like we were totally serious, but i started cracking up as soon as i walked in the room. i'm a bad liar, you see.

be looking for this fine shot on our 2005 christmas card. oh man, we look hot.

happy holidays from the hesses!


Anonymous said...

Oh My God! Paula, you look great in anything...but Casey looks like the absolute, biggest, most gigantic dork, I have ever seen in my entire life!

Di said...

SUPER SUGAR COOKIES! We finished them off yesterday.

Your picture would just be perfect in LaPorte, Indiana. Sue and Duane Hessburger from Rolling Prairie (Did you dress up your plaster goose today?)

Anonymous said...

Best picture of the two of you I've seen! It DEFINITELY
makes the Christmas card next year.

p said...

ha! have you ever seen casey do his "fat elvis" impersonation? in this get-up, it was classic.

thanks for the compliment, lo!

Casey said...

Laurel, thanks so much for your kind words. Since Paula grabbed a couple of items from your closet, I did my best to compliment your wardrobe!



Anonymous said...

OK, that was just plain mean...