Tuesday, December 28, 2004

the power of green sugar sprinkles

"vegetarian spicy potato & nut terrine is not a factor for you. "

wowee! today, we received gifts from two out of three cookied neighbors: a cute snoopy thank-you card and yummy candle from carlos [from the aqua-trimmed house just south] and a bottle of red in a sparkly wine bag from the young couple two houses north. we were so pleasantly surprised!

sugar cookies also have a magical property of cancelling out experiences eating turnips and vegetarian fear factor rat-o-matic loaf. you can read more about it here. honest, mom: your outstanding cooking skills are no match for the evil that lurks inside the turnip. see, i tried making a proteinful veggie entree using a recipe in this british [should have been warning enough] vegetarian cookbook we received from some very good friends. my poor meat-eating family made a very brave show of gobbling it down with comments like, "interesting" and "actually pretty good" when, truthfully, it was cack. way, way worse than turnips.


Di said...

Hmmm....fabulous sugar cookies paving the way to possible BBQ friends during the Summer.....perhaps?

They were quite wonderful - you are the master.

Turnip suck. The nut loaf - well - it was OK but not to do over again.

p said...

not too sure about the bbq action. carlos's wife [we still don't know his last name or the names of their kids] doesn't speak english well but did offer us a nice big fat steak shishkabob one day. we felt like total yuppy scum being like, 'we don't eat meat -- saaree!'

the people at the set-back house are nice but a little weird -- not 100% sure i'd wanna spend all that much time with them. herman purposely doesn't mow a 3'x3' square of grass so he can call it his 'island of sanity'... whoops.

the likeliest candidates are hiram and victoria, the young couple two houses north. they seem pretty affable.