Monday, January 24, 2005

c'est crazy-month!

yeah, i know...

haven't posted in a while. this is my crazy-month, full of local travel and long weekends in orlando. sound glamorous? it sure is if unshowered, greasy hair and unbrushed, coffee-mouth teeth tickle your fancy. mmmm, wanna make out? when i get into a hotel room with a full length door mirror [you can get up really close with those], i can truly reap the rewards of my lack of grooming focus. break out the tweezers and comedo-extractor -- phanero-time! it really is one of the most exciting times of year for me [not just for all the fun eyebrow-plucking and blackhead-mashing] but also the very most exhausting.

crazy-month sounds like some made-up holiday celebrated at club med, maybe where all the men dress in pink tutus and dance the "haut-les-mains/hands up" dance. i wish, right?

fortunately, our second floor has been virtually complete, great for when i come home like a whupped little puppy. all that we are missing construction-wise is the counter, sink, and mirror to the new bathroom. i have my very own office again with a window view, and our bedroom is a beautiful, soothing beige sanctuary. it makes sleeping in so damn tempting.

here's the tour:

this is our dope new shower.

...and this is our snazzy toto. we dig it.

this is the little bedroom with happy little skylight. great for guests and eventually progeny.

...and this is the view from my office down through the master bedroom. the ductwork was included to remind me of my second favorite place in the galaxy, chipotle.

new and improved master bedroom, now with surround-sound. heaven.


Di said...

Your upstairs is fabou! I like the lighting in your bedroom. Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

House looks awesome. When can the fam come and mess it up? You know, scratch up the wood floors, scuff the walls? Without kids of your own yet, you need a little help. After all, I was the one who christened your new home by promptly burning an iron hole in your carpet. Let's see, how to ruin a wood floor? I bet a hot iron still wouldn't be too good for it.