Friday, January 28, 2005

good circulation is overrated

ganesh can hold his smoke

hey, i'm human, just like you. when i am cut, i bleed... sort of... eventually... minimally.

late this afternoon, as i, still in my bathrobe, was cutting an avocado to make myself a little veggie sam'itch, sliced my left index finger.

it hurt and i gasped, but then looked at it and could see the perfect, deep incision clearly. no blood. after about ten or fifteen seconds, as someone who getting over a fear of blood, i instinctually grasped my finger tightly to keep it from... well, bleeding.

after unsuccessfully trying to construct my food whilst holding my finger tightly, i let go. the wound [hate that word] did eventually bleed a very small bit mid-munch, but not as much as you might expect.

i guess being a hemophobe and a raynaud's suffer at the same time works. it's two higher powers were stoned and deciding how to put me together. envision two dudes with long white beards and flowing robes toking up in someone's rec room, the dead playing on an old record player, black-light posters on the wall [this was '72]:

"okay [cough], we're going to make this one... afraid of blood."

"alright, that's heavy. but dude, give this bird a break... and pass a brother the joint."

"come on, man. [passes the spliff] wait-wait-wait, check this out: she'll be afraid of blood... but not be able to bleed! [stoned giggle] groovy! "

"whoa... [takes a drag] that is heavy, man."

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