Tuesday, May 10, 2005

'cos beige lines... blow away!

rang-dang, diggity dang-dee dang, blow!

after proudly blazing through an entire year without sickness, exposing myself to health-compromising conditions [read "four to a hotel room"], at the apex of my travel-free season, i have managed to catch some cooties.

i judged my high school alma mater's dance team tryouts [75 hopefuls = 4.5 hour audition] and sat next to one of my former instructors, sniffling and sneezing. i should have known that walgreen's bag of snot rags on the floor was a little too close for comfort, and i probably should have kept a portion of the judges' chow [gummy bears and baked lays] to myself.

i thought the advil cold and sinus [non-drowsy formula, natch'] would save me, but packed with pseudoephedrine, i was cracked out all day. as someone who used to live on ripped fuel and the like, i never expected to feel so hyped, but my tolerance seems to be way down.

the result? laying in bed until 4:30a with mental diarrhea, feeling like i just snorted big rails of searing sahara sand. nasal passages aflame, i slept on the couch downstairs.

i don't have patience for this -- i'm going to new york to have fun this weekend, damnit.


laurel said...


Just noticed your new pic on the sideblog. You're beautiful...but that pic?...well, let's just say, i'ts bizarre. It doesn't look like you at all. Why, why, why not a georgous pic of you from your wedding...or perhaps a georgous picture of you cleaning the litter box. I'm sure you have both.

On another note altogether...in regards to your post entitled..."AT least eat the wedding cake." Seems like the latest news is that the runaway bride just checked herself into an in-patient treatment center for "physical issues." I'm guessing she's an anorexic and not an alcoholic.

trisha said...

Now, I like the little photo. And, yes, you are Beautiful.

p said...

thanks, you guys. :o) i feel pretty ugly today with this cold, so your words are very nice.

i actually like the picture because it is kinda bizarre. casey was showing me the shots from his camera and that one made me laugh. he likes taking very close up pictures of people, and that one is so close up that it kind of distorts my face. i think this shot shows how i see myself -- a nerd-chic nebbish of sorts.

don't think i am entirely self-deprecating with that shot: i am also kinda digging how my face looks flawless even that close up. :o)