Friday, May 27, 2005


well, i sat at my desk last night to make good on my promise to write, when i got a call from my sister. my dad was found unconscious at home and was taken to one hospital and then to another for emergency brain surgery. because he has a titanium valve in his heart, he takes a blood thinner. well, apparently, he was rushing around doing things [even though he should be resting since he just had his gall bladder removed and was sliced in half only a short time ago] and apparently banged his head.

a little bump on the head + blood thinners =
hematoma = blood clot on the brain

i went to the hospital to meet up with dad's wife, my sisters, my aunt kay [such a pretty lady, i forget], my sweet cousin valerie, and rick who, never one to surprise anyone, was fast asleep on the couch. rick is powerless against the indominable force of a couch; he succumbs to sweet slumber instantaneously.

to make a long story short, the surgery was successful and it doesn't look like there is any brain damage. he is not, however, back on the the blood thinner [would make it hard for the hematoma to heal] so he's still in critical condition. they need to monitor him closely to make sure he doesn't suffer a stroke because his valve gets jacked up.

my little sister reports that he's drifting in and out of sedation and capable of opening his eyes and moving his hands and feet. he's tried to rip the ventilator out [he hates having it] and has been trying to get up and move around, so they've had to restrain him a bit.

for my sisters and me, humor is a soothing salve in times like this. my dad was a hairstylist by trade and is still a salon owner, a european native, and also a leo. as a result of all variables mentioned, he's always nattily dressed, outfitted with jewelry, and of course, expertly coiffed. he's always had a sort of long, wavy, perfectly tinted 'do with nary a spot of grey or baldness to be seen. now, his head is obviously shaved and outfitted with a head cap much like the kind newborn babies get. when we went in to see him after surgery, my sister nicole says, "when he wakes up, he's gonna be so pissed about his hair."

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