Friday, July 22, 2005

dove ads ≠ dove bars

can i be in the campaign for centaurs?

there's been a lot of buzz about the new dove ads with their campaign for real beauty, mainly because joe lunchbucket types have decided that the billboards featuring regular ladies and not actual models are an eyesore.

come on, fellas. it's not like dove scoured the countryside in search of gilbert grape's momma. these chicks aren't even that fat. hell, one of them [sigrid] has a pretty taut, dope body if you ask me. i read an interesting quote, "if the dove 6 put on clothes and were in a chicago bar, they'd be considered attractive."

when you have a chance, really look at the women. go on. they're just not that fat, people.

as you continue down the kennedy, compare that ad to the h&m ad for a paisley bikini top.

rail-thin arms, ribsy torso, and big, full breasts... oh, and no head. who needs the head? we're trying to sell a bathing suit to anorexic strippers, okay? we don't need no stinking head, mang.

i do have to give some props to h&m for at least letting you see what their teensy tiny bathing suits would look like on your own body. above is their version of me in the suit above. hmm. not too convincing, but at least it's a start. check it out.

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