Friday, July 08, 2005

this mouth is made for eating

i just saw jessica simpson's video for her latest karaoke adventure, "these boots are made for walking", which has reportedly caused quite a stir.

the video opens with her looking haggard and sunken-eyed. someone give her something to eat already! early in the clip, someone in the bar scene gives her an audible slap on the ass. talk about some severe dolby action -- if anyone whacked her emaciated backside hard enough to make that sound, they'd knock her clean in half.

i know, i know: she has been doing the u.s.o. thang and so everyone should just think she's america's sweetheart, but i don't buy it.

in grosse pointe this weekend, i was getting a manicure and kim, the nail technician and i got to talking about the simpson sisters. kim mentioned that ashlee had gotten a bad rap, and i agreed to some extent, saying that her voice was far better than the fairer of the two. kim disagreed.

"ashlee's voice is dubbed," she informed me gravely, "jessica has a way better voice. she overdoes it sometimes [sometimes?!], but she's a far better singer."

i commented on how freakishly skinny jessica has become, which i found odd since she's always been a proponent for wholesome, healthy body images. "oh, she worked her ass off for that body," kim disagreed, "she deserves it. good for her!"

maybe i dislike her so intensely because she bears a striking resemblance to a younger, skinnier version of a certain individual who has been wreaking havoc on my family lately. there: i said it.

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