Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i'm down with the bio-urn

well, i'm not down yet, anyway...

hate to get morose on a sunny wednesday afternoon, but i saw this and had to share. personally, i think burying your dead seems somehow to be [and i mean this in the absolute kindest way] an arrogant use of space. the idea to cordon off areas of earth for each of our dearly departed seems to lack foresight, no? we sure have a lot of people on this earth... where they all gonna go?

on the other hand, i can completely see the importance of being able to go back to a loved one's remains. i still have the ashes of my sweet siamese cat, oliver, in a little oriental urn high on a shelf.

i love this idea. what a terrific happy medium. imagine: a graveyard that has become a forest. and such chic packaging to boot!

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