Tuesday, August 01, 2006

9 months at 99 degrees: an update

as of yesterday, i am officially 36 weeks pregnant. crazy. crazy that it's august -- when we told our family during the holiday season, august seemed unfathomable. the whole thing just seemed like a hoax. ha, ha. yeah, so i had this ancient ept stick that was, like, totally two years expired? and i peed on it? and, like, it showed up as positive! so we told everyone that we were pregnant! hilarious, right? that's how unreal it seemed.

there is nothing quite like the sensation of a small human being in your body. i can feel with my hands where his feet, knees, and backside are. there's a hollow where my navel is around which his torso is curled. his head is down and apparently already quite low, which will make his entrance into the world a little easier from what one of the midwives said. sometimes it feels like he's ferretted a pair of chopsticks up there and is poking his way out... we need to lay off the thai food, i think. he's definitely activated by any asian food, swinging his rear back and forth against my straining upper abdominals, swiping legs around.

all signs point to him coming earlier than later, which is fine by me as long as he waits at least through the rest of this week. can't say casey feels the same. the nursery is, for all practical purposes, ready. we have a rough semblance of a changing station downstairs as well, although i'm sure we'll move it all around once we try to figure out a system.

of late, i wake up each night with dull, throbbing cramps. he's definitely dropped as i've lost more than two inches around my ribcage and have adopted the waddle. can't take big steps because he feels like he'll just fall out [wouldn't that be nice?]

i'm on the maintenance schedule for my childbirth hypnosis home study course. i could be better about practicing the techniques, but i'm definitely plugged into my trusty ipod each night, letting all the suggestions flow into my head. a friend of a friend who also took the course is at 42 weeks, and i'm anxiously awaiting report of how well it worked for her.

now, i'm going to take my new book -- invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk -- out to the giant blow up pool in the yard, sit with a nalgene full of ice cold lemonade, and contemplate.

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