Monday, August 21, 2006

chubby roma bark: the recipe

in effort to ply the nurses to do our bidding, i have concocted a heaping plate of the sweet salty goodness we term chubby roma bark and lovingly wrapped it with blue cellophane and a label expressing thanks in advance for their help with the birthing. the chubby alludes to ben & jerry's chubby hubby ice cream, but i imagine that, if roma were to eat this, she would become quite chubby herself. it's a bit more robust than your standard comparatively svelte roma recipe. [and, gurls! this one's the perfect p.m.s. prescription!]

homemade peanut butter pretzel toffee bark
[a.k.a chubby roma bark]

2 sticks butter
1 cup brown sugar
sleeves of saltines
12 oz. peanut butter chips
12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
crushed pretzels

preheat oven to 350°. melt the sugar and butter in a saucepan. line a cookie sheet with foil and spray with cooking spray. then, line with saltines end-to-end. pour melted mixture on saltines and bake for 10 minutes. take out hot and sprinkle peanut butter chips. spread melting chips with spatula evenly across crackers. place in oven again for another 5 minutes. sprinkle chocolate over peanut butter and spread evenly, trying not to disturb the peanut butter layer. sprinkle crushed pretzels over entire tray and place in freezer to harden. 15-30 minutes later, slip hands underneath foil layer to break into large bark pieces. place large pieces in gallon ziplock bag and close, then break large pieces into smaller, bite-size chunks. keep refrigerated or frozen for best results!

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