Thursday, November 30, 2006

good grief!

oookay. on to more innocent topics...

my friend jamie recently asked, what music reminds you of your childhood?

after viewing the tv special, a charlie brown christmas, i downloaded the soundtrack off itunes. it's all played by the vince guaraldi trio and it's just good jazz. it's the perfect background music while waiting for a snowstorm to hit.

we used to stay up as kids to watch the peanuts specials. each year, we'd park our toughskins on the olive green shag carpeting in the family room and relish every moment. i still love all those charlie brown specials and never realized how smart the dialogue really is. i'm sure i never really caught all of it as a kid. snoopy still cracks me up. seems so much cooler than the junk being peddled to the tots these days.

i wonder if otto will think the peanuts are cool, too.

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