Tuesday, March 06, 2007

out of hibernation

wow. so it's been a long time, and i did it: i got through an entire dance team competition season with a baby and actually survived. some corners were, well, rounded... okay, scalloped, but only where they tucked hospital-style underneath those matters that required my utmost precision. fortunately, i work with some very wonderful young women, many of whom were eager to help shoulder the load of putting on the best possible event weekend after weekend. i definitely have a new-found respect and appreciation for my staff and i'm humbled to discover that they are abundantly capable with out my persistent hovering.

i crammed in some time to work with dancers from various very talented teams and got a lot of joy out of that [not to mention a nice little extra cash]. it's thrilling to get a little taste again of the rush i felt teaching hundreds and hundreds of dancers for twelve summers in a row. despite the fact that just standing for three hours straight in a high school gym leaves my postpartum body sore, it sure is rejuvenating.

i am most proud of my mighty little team from southern illinois -- in the face of major personnel change [five old dancers and five new], they managed to advance into the semifinals [and were a hair away from the finals] at nationals. didn't get to see them but that's neither here nor there. they're now a name to know, a team to look out for. it's exciting to be a part of something that is growing, gaining speed and momentum, all the while taking you with it, like a warm and fuzzy snowball.

similarly, otto has been such fun. it's cool to see him growing as well, to see clothes shrink before our very eyes. i almost screamed when i stuck my weather-beaten finger in his mouth and found those tiny, serrated teeth. he knows us now and vibrates with glee when his kitty-cats rub against him as they pass by.

what do i plan to do with this newfound mental freedom? i owe some people some slings, a nephew a cow-spotted blanket and matching personalized pillow for his fifth birthday, and myself a short vacay. while casey is hiking with some buddies in new mexico, otto and i will be heading down to sarasota for a long weekend to visit nana and gamper tom.

i'm looking forward to blackened fingernails from making ukrainian easter eggs, to camping again at kettle moraine south, to seeing my sister's twins on their first birthday [cinco de mayo themed -- olé!], to the annual hess outing to sanibel with otto avocado in tow, and to reentering the blogosphere more frequently.

thanks for passing this way again!

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