Monday, November 25, 2013

Why, I'll murdelize ya!

After some slowed-down cricket music, some crying, and sleep, I awoke with a hypothesis: I think there's just too much goddamn estrogen in my body. The X was able to work best just after I'd received those couple ovary-punishing Zoladex implants, but once then, my ovaries were able to rebound and begin delivering the goods to the cancer cells once again, sort of kicking X's ass. In my mind, it plays out like a Three Stooges episode. Curly is my ovaries, getting knocked down and then getting up, slapping his own face a bunch of times, pulling his trousers up over his belly and getting back in the ring for some more slapstick hijinks. Just have to get Moe up in here and knock a bitch out... 

I'll miss my estrogen. It's been a lovely visit since I stopped Taxol but its time to say bye-bye.

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