Wednesday, July 07, 2004

closet mojito-drinker?

my large clumps of itching, blistery unhappiness seem to be dissipating: my wrist has a shiny scar, and my foot is still crusty and a little itchy on the outside.

i did manage to break out in a rash on the left side of my face for no apparent reason yesterday when i went back down to isu. red bird arena was hot as always and my hair was nice and greasy and sticking to my face, too. whee. that was fun: meeting my clients and wanting to wail, "i am not... an animal! i am a human being!" my mother suspected ringworm [from neighbor's/shelter cat contact] so i smeared on some lotrimin, just for giggles.

went to the dermatologist. man alive. is it going to take a major health catastrophe for me to have faith in the medical profession?!

doctor: "uh, so were you, like, out in the sun? at a party? drinking mixed drinks? with lime?"

me: [pondering] "no."

doctor: "did you have a drink with lime juice out in the sun? maybe something with lime in it?"

me: "nnnnope."

doctor: "take your flip-flop off...put it back on. uh-huh, i see... well, [prodding my instep] what you have here is very telling geographically. you were having a lime-juice drink in the sun and you contracted an allergic reaction to the lime-juice. yes, that's it. here's some cream. have a nice summer!"

alison moyet look-alike/receptionist:"that's a $20 copay please."

me: wtf!

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