Tuesday, July 20, 2004

tho thick [snurp]

o, mighty gallagher!  bless me with your healing powers!

i'm sick.  i have a head cold, so i spent monday on the couch.  i haven't done that in a really long time.  remember when you were a kid and you camped out on the couch when you were home sick from school?  my mom would get me a happy meal and rent me gallagher videos from dog ear video at the plaza del prado.  i'd break out the ol' white melamine nesting tables [my house was the epitome of glenbrook 80's fashion], atop of which i would arrange my tissues, medicines, coughdrops, and happy meal toy.  something about smashing watermelons with a sledge-o-matic i still find oddly therapeutic.  as much as i dread having sick kids, i do look forward to helping them create those rituals that make feeling shitty okay sometimes.  when i was a kid, i thought those parents that made their sick kids stay in bed were sadists. 
i took advil cold & sinus, which i perhaps erroneously believed to be non-drowsying.  as soon as that glistening golden drop bursts in my stomach, like clockwork, I pass out for about 45 minutes then wake up and resume business as usual [upn court-style reality show].  when it came time to actually go to bed,  i was looking forward to bussin' out dat sweet ny-ny juice -- you got it: nyquil.   nope: tossing & turning, channeling messages from alpha centauri.
the odd face rash has once again re-emerged... sans contact with strange cats.  the left side of my face and now both ears are itching like mad.  this morning, a blister spontaneously erupted on my upper lip where it meets my lower lip!  you know that jobby didn't last long -- chomped.  slapped on some "acne-inducing" cream the dermatologist gave me, but it's still ugly.  anyone know why my face would be doing this?  i don't want to go back to dr. lime juice.

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