Wednesday, August 04, 2004

i don' wannoo

"from bikes to trikes to video games..."

august is always such an unfocused month for me. i'm easily distracted and have a hard time staying motivated. though i still have much to do with work, the volume of calls, e-mails and events slows down, so it's up to me to stay on task. i just keep mourning another summer gone:

i have not paid one visit to the neighborhood pool.

rollerblades are rusting in the crawlspace unused.

i'm needing to work on a pom routine for the team for whom my friend and i choreograph. i should go back to hip hop and ballet class to get some kinesthetic awareness back. i promise myself every hectic winter that i will live at the studio like i used to. i want my friend lisa to come back to chicago and have a leona's picnic/dance team video binge for sweathogs with me. [sigh] we're geeks, but we admit it freely.

need to agree to doing some work for a junior high team -- it's money. i don't want to teach junior high girls how to dance. i want to put them in cages.

i forgot about working out. whoops-an-effing-daisy. at least my knees don't seem to mind: after years of intense running and deep pliƩs, they've become percussion instruments. you know those small, old toys made of long beads that resemble something like a horse or a monkey on a palm-sized platform and when you press the large button underneath with your thumb, the joints give way and the limbs go all akimbo? that's me locking my legs.

my 31st summer is coming to a close, culminating in a trip to kauaii. you know what that means. time to be thinking about babies [pouting].

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