Wednesday, September 22, 2004

bastard child of the poorboy sweater

who decided this was a good look?

oh, sure. on the polo model, it's passable. not on real people. i keep seeing these and i just don't get it. it's somehow worse than a sleeveless turtleneck. the sleeveless turtleneck seems more balanced and flattering, if not completely absurd.

this is just ugly. to make matters worse, these always seem to have those too-long short sleeves. you know: the kind that give you tharms. this is right up there with those ridiculous dickey things. you know: those preposterous fake turtlenecks that mitch in the movie real genius wore.


trisha said...

What is a tharm?

I like the sleeveless tnecks with a long-sleevie shirt under. The tneck balances out the arms. Without a shirt under, it is silly.

p said...

hmm... a long-sleeve shirt under a sleeveless t-neck. i'll have to see it. can't imagine it.

tharms = thighs + arms
cankles = calves + ankles
chimples = chin + pimples
bacne = back + acne

there are a few more increasingly offensive ones i've heard that even i can't see to typing here, specifically referring to the lower abdomen/upper pelvis area. some people don't like those words.

trisha said...

well, i do mean a sleeveless tneck sweatery thing. i am layery.

thanks for the key.