Tuesday, September 28, 2004

people who need to fire their publicists

ty pennington

you know, i actually did think he was kinda cute for a while until he became a friggin' cartoon character. he's so over-the-top, to use a standard hess expression. i am done with his self-deprecating routine, too. you got a website replete with "hott shots" and you were a j.crew model -- the "regular guy" routine isn't fooling anyone. he reminds me of so many cheerleader guys i know: they're just so cute, but my god... dumb. perfect example of how looks aren't everything, even really exceptional looks.

byron the bachelor

don't know too much about him, but i did catch a recent rose ceremony and was astounded to see so many young women weeping for him. cheeseball. take away the long, blond greasy locks and let that tan fade and you'll see he's just a regular old dude masquerading as young and yummy. nice try. i mean, doesn't anyone see how wrinkled his skin is? check out his bio.

steven cojocaru

...and what the heck are you!? he's looks like janice from the muppets. i endeavor to be an open minded person, accepting all those on the gender spectrum, but dude, you sure are giving the transgendered a run for their money. hope he stays put on the today show with equally despicable [and muppet-like] katie couric and matt lauer. yuck.

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