Wednesday, September 29, 2004

björk is my hero

isn't this the cutest picture ever?

i love björk. her new cd medúlla as well as the dvd that shows the making of the cd, entitled the inner part of an animal or plant structure arrived in my mailbox. once again, i'm just smitten with her. she makes me so fascinated with iceland, i am going to plan a trip there.

the entire cd is made with only human voices and it's unbelievable. she definitely marches to the beat of a different drummer [or beatboxer, in this case] -- every scene on the dvd depicts her in another bizarre dress that leaves you to wonder, "are you really comfortable in that?" her bra hangs out from time to time and you know she's utterly comf'. she also wears a ponytail on the front of her head like a unicorn... okay. during the interview sections, i fall in love with her astute analogies. even casey muttered approval at her theories about creating music.

i find her irreverent appearance really refreshing. in a time when the artists go from blonde to blonder [britney's brunette stint was a self-proclaimed 'brain fart'] and are stringently styled and posed for every appearance, i loved seeing björk put on something that inspires her but at the same time, she doesn't really give a damn to check her eyeshadow because she's actually working. it makes her so appealing and real because i see that she's more like me as a person than any other artist will display themselves, yet her music unlike anything i can ever try to create.

her foibles in love and her fierce protectiveness over her kids [she beat the daylights out of a reporter that tried to horn in on her son] endear her to me. apparently, it was an unabashed loss of control that wasn't pretty, but she had the unusual heart to send an apology to the guy afterward. i would love to sit with her over a bag of doritos and a coke and gossip all about what the hell happened.

the photo above, taken probably seven years ago, gives me sharp pangs of unrequited motherhood. how adorable: a young mom and her adoring son!

i know a lot of my friends are big criers like me, so if you want a really heart-wrenchingly sad movie, rent her flick dancer in the dark.

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