Tuesday, June 07, 2005

everyone's got one and his is this big around

ladies need to eat some food
fellas talkin' up the mood
don't just sit there, let's get to it,
thumbs up or down, there's nothin' to it... ebert!

you know that old saying about opinions, right? after an entire weekend forcing myself to be diplomatic, to choose words carefully, to interface pleasantly with people that spew complete trash about my sisters and me, there's nothing as cleansing as being unabashedly opinionated.

in the sweltering late evening, i sat in front of my laptop with netflix and frantically rated movies. i would tell myself just one more screen and then i'm done, but then a whole new batch of titles would pop up to illicit my gut reaction. could... not... stop... i'm like a junkie.

before casey left for his whirlwind world tour, he moved all the movies i put on our netflix queue to the top of the list. i have since watched spanglish -- an unintelligible load of crap complete with embarrassing overacting by virtually every member of the cast. i watched the deleted scenes with the director's commentary once it was over. if the deleted scenes were included, the movie might have at least made sense.

i watched closer last night. it felt like reading it, if that makes any sense. i was doing a craft project at the same time and didn't even really need to look up, like, ever. what was really weird was the juxtaposition of the dry, sterile acting and awkward word choices with the gratuitous sexual talk. i do need to give natalie portman serious props, though. she has a few scenes dancing around in a g-string and bra and she didn't starve herself before shooting the film. her body looks pretty dope and not emaciated. there is even a subtle hint of cellulite. i just have to acknowledge that in light of the fact that every actress these days becomes a human skeleton before every role. look at jessica simpson shrinking herself to wear them daisy-dukes for the dukes of hazzard movie. what's up, doc? carrot stick much?

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