Thursday, June 23, 2005

man i'm bored

there are two times of the year when life just gets really boring and this is one of them. i have a massive drive to create at this moment, but i think i've exhausted all my arts and crafts supplies except one; i have to wait until all the apple juice is gone from the large glass jug... and then look for some lighter fluid. tell ya later. just pray i don't light myself on fire.

in a span of about two weeks, i've already:
  • etched designs on two vases with etching cream
  • restrung/created two bead necklaces, one beaded bracelet, and two beaded ponytail ties
  • planted zinnias and phanero'ed all the weeds out of the back yard
  • crafted a pda cover from felt
  • fixed the ripped neck on this hilarious vintage dance t-shirt i have
  • designed a t-shirt for my maternal family's second annual family reunion
i've been running again. i'm shy a mile from where i used to be, but at least having the drive to go. i've determined that i can run as long as:
  • my ipod is programmed with a dope-ass playlist
  • i am equipped with a wristband for daubing [i love that word] my sweat
  • the a/c at the y is blasting
  • the t.v. is on with captions, preferably to fear factor.
  • i don't do something stupid like leave without stretching because i broke a window frame and so we couldn't go in the pool 'cos my friend from new york was coming any minute and we were outta beer and needed to order the food already... tell ya later. ouch.
      things i-want-it are:
      • new sewing machine. seriously! there's a kick-ass one at target.
      • new nikeids. i designed a red/orange/yellow pair to replace my worn green/black/silver ones.
      • some very fine, pretty yarn. i wanna crochet a fake sweater/scarf/shawl like nicole kidman's character wore when she witnessed the wives "exercising".
      • my cd i ordered to arrive! i ordered an obscure cd for use on this year's choreo project and it's taking forever. once i have that, i can quasi get started at least one some ideas for the routine.

      i think things will change once i get out and get my butt to some camps. hate me all you want for saying it, but i'mma say it anyway:

      sitting behind a desk all summer makes me feel like i'm in prison.

      i can't wait to see my dancer buddies and get in the mix!
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