Tuesday, August 02, 2005

god is in the details. i'm its unwilling servant.

it's part of my phaneromaniacal demeanor to correct errors. this trait has some good and bad points:

good points
  • enables me to be better at catching spelling and punctuation errors
  • when i'm cleaning things, i can be quite thorough
  • with dancers, i can catch those niggling variances in body position
  • i can pick weeds like a champ
    • bad points

    • i compulsively correct incorrect grammar
    • i reflexively ejaculate criticism of incorrect pronunciation or word usage
    • i mercilessly fixate on peoples' blackheads, stray eyebrows, funky teeth, etc.
    • i can be a relentless kibbitzer

      to top it all off, i'm a sagittarius: notorious for tactlessness and lack of self-editing. needless to say, while i do believe my obsession with detail has helped me tremendously in a professional sense, i do a good job of pissing off people left and right, no matter how kindly i turn my phrase. i find myself having to physically cover my mouth with my hand to remind myself to shut up at times because i just can't stop myself.

      when asked whether i would like it if someone did the same to me, i'd have to say frankly, yes. yes, for the large part, i welcome correction. i hate reflecting later on a moment and thinking, "oahu isn't the big island, you asshole; hawaii is. why did that person just look me dead in the face when i made that mistake?" or "derisive is mean talk. divisive is dissenting. how embarrassing." somebody stop me!

      for everyone i give an unwelcome knee-jerk correction, i'm sorry. there should be a medication for this disease.
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