Wednesday, October 19, 2005

baby needs a new pair of shoes

i went online to do some shoe shopping awhile back.

i ordered the jupiter, which is made by this spanish company called novacas. while they do make some pretty damn sassy footwear, they're notoriously narrow. these are no exception -- i'm exchanging them. it's a bummer 'cos these are kinda casual without being schlubby.


i also like the ally by vegetarian shoes -- it's a little nicer [but still a maryjane] and could be a less dressy alternative to my high heeled knee-high boots.


more casual is the solar by earth. again with the maryjanes, but slightly less square and chunky than the clarks i already have.


i am also craving some clogs -- i like earth's kharma 2. something about clogs just makes me wanna put on the warmest, wooliest socks and go pumpkin shopping... or something. casey disagrees with mules in cold weather [bear in mind this is the man that wears thick woolen tube socks with boots in the summertime] but i say it's possible.


so there you have it: what do you think? what's your gut reaction? give me your opinion! in case you were wondering, they're all the same price.

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