Tuesday, October 11, 2005

wanted: best best friend

having friends is like dating. in many respects, best-friendship is governed by a lot of the same dynamics. there's cheating, abuse, neediness, the whole ugly lot. sometimes, there is the desire to break up with a friend -- maybe the relationship has become toxic and routine. yeah, i know we've had good times and all, but it's time for us to move on. things have gotten stale and i don't feel good about myself when i'm around you. it's best we part ways. be "single" again. i pine for best-friend singledom: walking into a room of diverse and like-minded individuals that present so many possibilities of friendship.

just as some looking for love create lists of desirable attributes, so have i for designing the best best friend:

  1. reading does not include smutty celebrity gossip rags
  2. for every one fashion magazine, must subscribe to two other non-fashion magazines
  3. knowledge of/experience with npr, blogs, craigslist, google, and snopes a plus
  4. must have at least a 20gb ipod with more than just a smattering of top 40 singles on it -- pink mini ipod owners take caution
  5. like political views not important, but must respect differing opinions. willingness to avoid the topic altogether preferred.
  6. must bravely yet lovingly call me on my shit and expect the same in return
  7. must have some sense of personal style without being a fashion plate
  8. self-love and acceptance required: this includes moments of no makeup, cellulite, pimples, and general chubbiness. verbally castigating oneself for any of the above is prohibited.
  9. being a loyal and supportive workout/dance class buddy a strong plus
  10. martyrs, luddites, airheads, chick-lit addicts, narcissists, passive-aggressives and backlashers need not apply
if you could design the ideal best friend for yourself, what would you choose?

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