Monday, October 24, 2005

??? = so you

now if i could just have her money...

i received this photo in the mail from sister-in-law and avid blog-commenter, laurel. according to the card with which it was enclosed, my little three-year-old nephew was sitting on her lap when they saw this photo of actor sandra bullock in a magazine.

"look, mommy! aunt paula is in a magazine! the tickle monster is famous!"

well, in case i need a last-minute halloween costume, i'm set!

i think it's the do-rag/sunglasses/athletic attire combo that equals me about my appearance. i've had a lot of signature me-things: big dumb bow hairclips and a rainbow of mesh shorts in college, my "funny little black glasses" [according to one eden prairie pom mom], my black cleopatra hairstyle circa 1997 [the era of impending doom].

"i saw a person with ___fill in the blank ____ and i thought it was you."

how would you fill in the blank?

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