Wednesday, October 05, 2005


good god! is big hair far behind?

country music is everywhere lately... and it's scaring me. is it just me or has it taken over the galaxy? skeletal starlets are all sidling up to stetsoned swooners. good morning america seems to have an endless stream of cma winners performing. even reba mcintyre has a clothing line now. come on: reba is a character you might see dana carvey playing on saturday night live. seriously. she was showing her line of apparel on some show, and i couldn't even listen to her over-the-top twang as she described the elegant cut of a pair of slacks. it was just ridiculous to me. oprah had the prim faith hill on and the chicago audience went koo-koo crazy, too. i don't get it.

i suppose the pendulum had to swing back this way after hip hop was on top for so long. i'm glad that scene is over, too, but country? gah!

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