Tuesday, October 05, 2004

springtime is so far away

this is my life for the next six months

tired. special event choreography session was this weekend and now, i'm just tired. my joints hurt, especially my knees and hips.

i'm a little scared and depressed at how full my schedule has gotten -- once again, winter time will mean every weekend on the road until mid-march. i'm a more than a little disheartened. in a desperate attempt to cram in more freelance earnings, i actually almost scheduled a choreo session on the same weekend as casey's birthday. i blinked a few times, cleared the sleep from my eyes, and declared that i have no more open saturdays available to that endeavor this year.

fortunately, i should be around some really fun people while i'm galavanting around the country.

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trisha said...

what is your job, anyway? If you don't mind me asking. If you do, then, well, don't answer.