Monday, November 22, 2004

loving the right brained

there should be a book called 'how to live peacefully with your right-brained loved one' because i'd buy it. i'll affectionately call our challenging friends arbees.

for instance, what is the best way to cope with the arbee's inability to formulate sentences and thoughts in a concise, expedient manner. how do you keep yourself from screaming, 'spit it out already!' when they talk as slowly and circuitously as molasses running down the tennessee mountains in january? i find myself maniacally interjecting "uh-huh? yess?! and then?!" trying to bridge the valleys between words.

can there be a topic on grappling with your arbee's indecision? if we're ripping out home decorating ideas from the likes of dwell and west elm, then what in the love of kee-rist are you doing with that wretched pottery barn catalog? wasn't that in the recycling bin?!

how about when your arbee just plain can't focus on a task at hand. the seven dwarves were not arbees -- not a one. there's no whistling while you work. there's getting really pissed off at it, throwing pieces of it, hurting one's self while doing it, but no whistling.

i love my arbee boy. he's creative, hella talented, and very open minded. he likes to play and makes beverages shoot out of my nose from cracking up almost ritualistically. i'd never trade him for the boring, methodical, predictable elbee... but, man alive. someone oughta get writing already.

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