Tuesday, November 23, 2004

o.j. needed more o.j.

an obviously pre-orange-juice disposition Posted by Hello

when i was little(r), i remember reading in one of my snoopy encyclopedias that drinking orange juice each day prevents crabbiness. i was quite the insomniac [perhaps due to rampant in utero exposure to no doz, which also may explain my ten-year dependence on ephedra. just kidding... love you, momma!], so those books were my best friends for many years. to this day, i get really aggro without even eight ounces of o.j.

apparently, i need to keep drinking the sunny stuff. the antioxidants may help my brow's deepening furrow. fugly.


Jamie said...

OJ for you, Diet Coke for me. I feel for you.

In unrelated news, check out this blog. It's like a train wreck, or the goodnight kiss on a first date-- I just can't avert my eyes.

p said...

oh my god. that is absolutely hilarious. did you watch the video of him peeing? i am a disbeliever -- i wanted to see the stream to believe it. my god, this man is so funny. i hope his kidneys survive.

trisha said...

You are so freaking cute.

Di said...

Must have OJ with any bland sauted (nice word for fried) breakfast food.

Caffiene is still my first love. I still get lots done around the house in the wee hours with cd player and headphones on and a good coffee buzz going while Jack and Socks snoozes. Trudy stays up and revels in my strange activity.

Di said...

I still love caffiene! It helps get the through the neverending laundry. OJ is perfect, though, with sauted (nice for fried) breakfast food.

Di said...

No - I'm not going senile and I haven't been taking No-Doz again. I posted the first post using Mozilla Firefox and didn't think that it took.

Soooo....I posted again. I checked it in I.E. (danger, danger Will Robenson!) and lo and behold - both of my posts were posted.

Don't forget, your mother is an R-B!

p said...

momma, you are totally an RB. that's okay -- i'm a no-B at the moment... my brain is waterlogged today.