Thursday, November 18, 2004

what i love

this is the cover of the blue six album.  it defines perfection: living in a sweet, modern pad, checking out the nightlife below after someone gave your dope body a good shagging.

following jamie's lead, here are some things i love:

  • ...when people let me fall asleep on the couch watching tv. i don't understand the culture that dictates i should be mocked and shamed awake and into my bed. lemme just peacefully fall asleep here, at least until everyone has toddled off to bed and the house has matched my level of quietude.
  • ...sour fruit with cheese, caramel or chocolate. i can eat slices of granny smith and sharp cheddar for lunch and be totally satisfied. if i was mayor mccheese, i'd make that a happy meal. in maccy d's defense, they do have one uniquely edible item there -- apple dippers! fresh apple slices and a small cup of caramel. deeee-aum.
  • ...wide-leg wool flannel trousers. dressy looking but as comfy as pajamas. they make your tush look cute but hide thighs. if my sewing machine worked better [blast you, bobbin tension], i'd make a pair myself.
  • ...snuggling with cats. the little people like to spoon with us big people and it's the best. i always marvel a bit at the love, comfort, and connection that can be shared between a person and an animal.
  • ...good chillout tunes. mellow, relaxing, four-on-the-floor beats with a little brazillian flavor -- the likes of which can be heard by blue six, miguel migs, and ben watt's buzzin' fly -- always get me in a happy, mellow mood.
  • ...a good head-raking. since casey plays guitar, he has long nails on at least one hand and very strong fingers. i put my head on his stomach and beg for a head-raking on sunday afternoons.
  • ...mrs. meyer's all purpose cleaner in lemon verbena. it's got that aveda-y smell to mask eau de cat poo.
  • vegetarian restaurants... i get this overwhelmingly orgasmic wave of extreme glee eating at places like green zebra and chicago diner. it's like a dream come true to go somewhere and choose things based on what you feel like eating as opposed to what doesn't have dead animals in it. think about it: always having to be the one to ask for the such-and-such without the chorizo and is that cooked in chicken stock and does or doesn't that have meat in it, you feel yourself becoming a loathsome pain in the ass.
  • ...aruba. aruba is dope.

    what do you love?


Beopenguin said...

Wow, minus all that veggie list would be all the same. With the scratching of the head....add a back to that and then underline it. Wow, this might be the most random comment I've made in a while.

p said...

your comment is befitting of the post -- entirely friggin random list of happiness. yes, back-raking and what my family refers to as "scratching out the sand" [i come from a long line of phaneromaniacs], which is basically scratching out the little sand-grain like particles of sebum are all randomly wonderful.