Tuesday, November 09, 2004

yea for kate

neither one of these are kate

i love kate winslet. i admired her for outing the whole airbrushing sham that perpetuates the idea that all famous successful women are perfect-looking. i love that she laughed at her heavily altered cover photo, just made fun of how ludicrous it is [see above right]. i'm sure the dolts at gq were completely incredulous, wondering why she was upset -- they made her look better, right?

today, on good morning america, diane sawyer was seguing into commercial and kate was her next guest. the camera pans to kate, sitting in the green room waiting to be interviewed about her new film. you hear diane's voice say, "she's lost a lot of weight, and she did it with this chinese face diet..." kate grins sheepishly. i sat there gagging on diane's tactless words. there's nothing worse when someone says something like: "gee, what did you lose? fifteen, twenty pounds? thirty? you lost a lot of weight!"

"how out of character for kate winslet to be extolling the virtue of a weight loss method," i thought. "oh brother, she's sold out."

when the commercial ends, diane interviews her and all they discuss is the movie. the end. yea! we may be naive, but we think she refused to discuss it on the air. she just won some cool points with me.

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