Wednesday, August 03, 2005

f*cking cats

you put the lime in the coconut and scold until it hides under the bed

anyone who knows me knows i love cats. furthermore, i'm kind to animals [even big stinky dogs] and believe the world should evolve into a more cruelty-free place. i've even gone through orientation to volunteer [albeit briefly] at a no-kill cat shelter around the corner.

without beating a dead horse [i even hate that expression], i love cats; however, a very recent discovery of some havoc they've been wreaking has infuriated and frustrated me to the point of tears. it's a wonder how betrayed you can feel when the little beasts you care for and love on, sleep with and dote on are secretly crafting an absolute shocking nightmare right under your nose. it feels like getting cheated on by my college boyfriend [a slightly fey yet womanizing cheerleader named todd] only i got to throw him through a window and pop his waterbed with a ballpoint pen for that.

little sneaky, hairy, motherf*cking sh*tbags. grrrr...

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