Friday, August 05, 2005

i hate friends

it sounds like an oxymoron, but i do.

here's a newsflash for you kids out there: even when you're far from high school and fully into adulthood, people will still be childishly possessive with their buddies. you don't grow out of it, despite what anyone has told you.

there's nothing like feeling as though your closest friend is cheating on another friend with you. meanwhile, your other formerly very close friend interrupts you midsentence to share her new laura mercier makeup purchase with whoever she has declared the new flavor-of-the-month. f*cking ridiculous.

my original lament was that this is strictly a girl-friend thang, and that, if i was to ever have very close girl-friends, i would have to put up with this f*cking bullsh*t. see, my closest friends all through school were guys and i never had these issues. i had great acquaintences that were girls, but i hung out on weekends with guys. casey, however, insists that petty personal politics are shared by all the human race, and that guys are, in fact, just as exclusionary.

what do you think? do women culturally cherish friendships more because they're so g*ddamn hard to get along with or are men just as bad?

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