Tuesday, August 23, 2005

sweet, don't fail me now!

i've said it before and i'll say it again: there is something magical about the creative power of candy. i've been plodding along on this choreography for about a month now, tinkering with eight-counts here, tweaking turn combinations there.

since i'm off to memphis for meetings, i decided to try and crank out the last sections last night. armed with a bag of buderim ginger bears, i plowed through six eight-counts of complicated duo and trio work, sassy little solo parts, and the dreaded... hip hop section! i emerged triumphant at 2am from my bedroom [where i flop around in front of my full length mirror] like a doctor after removing a huge malignant tumor.

how mighty is this sweet manna of the muses? one of my very close friends who earns a substantial part of her income choreographing for dance teams visited the dentist to discover she had four cavities.

the dentist asked her, "do you eat a lot of candy?"
"everyday," she replied.
"it's got to stop," he commanded.

she has since made efforts to curtail her dependency but was last seen in a quiktrip in belleville, illinois having succumb to the demon of sweets.

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