Tuesday, September 20, 2005

baby, can't you see... i'm callin'...

"take me off your mailing list... or i'll eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice venti mocha frappucino. ftt-ftt-ftt-ftt!"

it's a toxic time of year, people, and in the words of mama britney: i'm slippin' under.

calling non-returning customers: i am following up with people who did not use my company these days. it entails a lot of leaving voicemails and emails, and about a quarter of the time, i reach a live person. the process in and of itself isn't bad -- talking to customers and hearing about how they missed us always regenerates my mood. even having a discussion or email correspondence with those who are skeptical about us is really interesting, too. i love networking for networking sake, and i value my bonds with those that are in my field but not my clients. there is usually a fraction of people that elect not to return my calls or emails or divulge their opinions on things, and those people just confound me -- why not? why play hard to get? people that are just plain ol' ugly are the ones that wreck my buzz. i actually had a woman actually call me back to yell at me for leaving her a message at home. she didn't have any thing redeeming to offer except a nasty attitude which unfortunately remain in my mind when i think of that account. when politely asked why they didn't come back, she growled, "because we didn't feel like it, okay?!" wtf! you know the adage -- it takes something like eleven positive comments to combat one negative. well, the happy fairies usually rack up a big i.o.u. in the fall.

hurricane rita: i am also supposed to go to a wedding this weekend on santa rosa beach in florida. that was going to be a nice little detox, but the weather is looking like it may not be playing nice. we're supposed to fly through dfw and if things don't improve, we may have to cancel. i know i just got back from a glorious vacation, but i was still excited for another little trip. these excursions are like stepping stones to keep me happy and looking forward to the future, you know?

choreo': i have taken on another choreography job and things are moving very slowly... as in i don't even have music yet and i'm supposed to fly to them to teach in less than a month. the muses hover reluctantly, arms crossed, tapping their toes, looking for the exit.

early autumn just leaves me feeling so hopeless sometimes. it's such a steep denouement from the unavoidably cheerful summertime. i have camp crash and i didn't teach this summer. i have the back-to-school blues at 32.

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