Monday, September 26, 2005

monday is numbday

mmmm... mondays...

y'ever just feel like you're in suspended animation? like a savory morsel congealed in a mold of translucent, glistening aspic? okay, maybe you never thought of it that way, but... try for a second.

back to rita and the dance floor porn... well, hurricane rita scared us out of going to the wedding on santa rosa beach. we were supposed to fly through dallas and weren't about to chance it. the wedding ended up having to be moved to the steps of a building and off the beach, unfortunately. the reception was in a tent with an uncovered, cobblestone floor and my friend jeannine sprained her ankle dancing on it in heels. the bride, i heard, looked spectacular: tanned and high-lighted to spunsugar perfection. the food was scrumptious, and the favors were just so nifty and cute.

there's more to life than this... instead of flying down, we snagged a bubble tea and put together a björk mix for the dance team i'm teaching in three [count 'em: three] weeks. made up a pretty slick turn sequence already. ah, progress.

happy camper... we really wanna go camping. the problem is we always have this strong desire too late -- we have no weekends left and all the good sites have been reserved. doesn't matter: hiking in hawaii has given us the bug. we'll see if we can swing it -- this is the last weekend.

christening? seems an odd gerund, that: christening. anyway, i have one this weekend. what do i wear? what to i bring? i've been avoiding these for so long, i have no idea. help a heathen out!

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