Tuesday, September 27, 2005

thea x-mou

greek food! my favorite... or something

so my aunt who lives across the street has decided that she can exert gentle but firm pressure on us to have plans with her. she's someone that, for my entire life, i saw maybe twice a year at weddings and whatnot, but just sunday, the doorbell rings. i am in the laundry room, thinking it's the pizza we ordered when i hear casey upstairs talking in a very animated voice, as though to a female as he's wont to do. i walk up the stairs while he's running down, yelling my name. we meet on the landing and, through a gritted smile, says "it's aunt x!" she's on the porch with her ancient bichon frise.

i go out and she grabs my cheek saying, "you disappear, poh-lah. where you bin?" she then tells me how many times that she called me and i don't pick up. now, i know she called once while we were in hawaii, and truth be told, i didn't call her back. her message was, "i bin busy with weddeens and chreesenings... and funerals and other bad thin's. an' now i call you for you to come to my house an' you not dere." needless to report, i was not exactly chomping at the bit to return that one.

to make matters worse, i asked her if she was going to my cousin's christening. i was going to offer to drive her since she doesn't drive on the highways. well, i guess she wasn't invited, i guess, so my attempt to be nice blew up in my face. she was severely bummed when i mentioned it -- apparently, she didn't know about it. given how large my family is, i can see that she might not have been invited, you know? you can only invite so many people to these shindigs.

so, she's basically cornered us to come to her house and have dinner. she quizzed us about what we ate ["you don' get weak from no eateen meat?"] and when we said pasta and salad would be totally great, got mildly insulted at our suggestion of such a simple meal. we offered several times to bring something and she declined. so we're on for thursday.

she's definitely big on guilting me into doing things [nothing like greek guilt], and up to now, i've been okay, but this can only last so long. something's got to give and it aint me!

after she left, casey shut the door and asked, "so we're moving, right?" what do we do?

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