Friday, October 08, 2004

drunk girl = republican?

to get you in the halloween spirit

i really don't talk about politics on my own blog -- i usually just comment on political posts -- but i have to say... wow... i'm definitely a little surprised at the college girls with the anti-kerry, extreme right-wing comments on their aol im profiles. i have a rather lengthy list of my instructors, former instructors, and coaches on my buddylist, and from time to time, i'll peruse their profiles. i'm honestly suprised.

when i think of the people most likely to vote democrat, i think young females: they're dodging pregnancy and are, probably more than those out of college, surrounded by great diversity, not only of ethnicity, but of sexual preference. they like lots of emo music, sung by sensitive dudes wearing "feminist" t-shirts.

or maybe, when you're in college, you still espouse your parents' views. after all, they're footing the bill at party u, right? at least they have an opinion, right? i was like, "omigod, wha-eet?" when bushie-daddy was elected -- i was too busy worrying about finding a decent hairstylist in iowa city to fix my roots!

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