Tuesday, October 26, 2004

the secret is they have XY chromosomes

come on, now. you really think i exist in nature?

i... am.. so... hungry.

has anyone gotten the new victoria's secret christmas catalog? i just don't get it. the women pictured in the entire lingerie section [especially the first few pages] don't even look like women. well, except for the extremely enhanced breasts that just look stupid on such a freakishly secondary sex characteristic-free body. it just makes me angry. i mean, with the exception of tyra banks [and even she's airbrushed all over the place] the women look miserably thin. poor 34 year old naomi campbell [still in fantastic shape, the old bird] has been relegated to modeling drapey gowns. wtf! if it weren't for the fact that i purchase my cotton triangle training bras from vs, i'd cancel my subscription. even casey laughed when he saw the photos.

p.s. don't forget to order your pearl strand thong. nothing like a plastic necklace embedded in your biscuit! mmmm...


Blind Camel said...

I tell ya, we got our catalog last night, and all I thought was HOT. Seriously, not trying to be crass. Whatever they're doing in there works for me on a basic level. Didn't bother me at all. I looked, and I liked. Not being political here, not worrying about social issues, just saying that the catalog works for me visually, in my reptilian brain.

p said...

right. i think we already established that you like the "i heart puking" look in women, so i'm not surprised. i guess if you fantasize about women with green scales and three boobs, then that would justify airbrushing those in, too? the empirical function of the catalog is to advertise women's apparel, not to titillate, and what's sad is that there are many, many women and worse, girls, looking at that and thinking they are the freaks, not the 42-19-23 "models." gimmie back jill goodacre -- she was a real-looking VS model back in the day.

what's really sad is that they don't even make half their line in anything lower than a B cup, so it's not even like being skinny is their emphasis. their target market is ten year old boys with gigantic tits. neat.