Wednesday, October 27, 2004

harbinger of... four more years?!

nothing more dope that drinking a beer on an october evening, watching the lunar eclipse, and jamming out to a little milk and cereal on continuous loop.
i hope the construction wraps up soon -- the cats are kicking the shit out of each other for want of some personal space.


Anonymous said...


Don't know what made me think of it now, but if you like dooce, you should check out You have me completely hooked on dooce. I cannot go a day without reading it. She is hilarious and an incredibly talented writer. Anyway, is very similar. The woman who writes it is from Metro-Detroit so it's even more interesting for me.

Anyway, have a good one. Hope the upstairs is coming along nicely and quickly. I don't wanna' have to sleep in the brown goo when we come for Turkey-day...sorry, I mean Tofu-day.

p said...

i will have to check it out. thanks for giving me another place to waste time ;o) i love dooce. she is so hilarious.

the house is coming along. no more brown goo! they just started drywalling today. i'll never forget davey going down in the basement. in the true uber-honest child fashion, he looks around and says, "why is everything broken!?" can't wait for him to see it now... un-broken! LOL.