Monday, October 25, 2004

eXtReMe MaKeOver, eat your heart out.

so we're ripping up the second floor of our house, right? it's a big dirty mess of cigarette butts, plaster, insulation, and plywood which is slowly but surely transforming into a discernable floor pattern. there are now square holes that leave a dangerous chute from the second floor to the basement. oh, and don't forget the nails everywhere! i am trying to post pictures, but i can't figure out the software so suffice to say it's a dirty mess, but i can't wait to show you a before and after.

well, at 4am, the ceiling starts pissing into the kitchen, right outside our guestroom [presently our bedroom and, lucky me, my office, too!]. kEwL! it's just pouring this nasty brown broth right where the wall and the ceiling meet and all over the floor. the hvac guys are putting actual forced air upstairs, so they disconnected and drained the radiators, but never capped them, so some kind of mystery-soup was issuing forth from the bowels of the ancient boiler. rAdiKaL, dUdE!

to add insult to injury, jackson [the fat man] is walking around the kitchen with one of his favorite stuffed catnip toys in his mouth and loudly crying this muffled cry at the same time in an alarm-like fashion. aWsUm! so i'm feigning sleep, but his panicking at the fountain of rust sounds vaguely reminiscent of the cartoons with the fat lady in the burning building, screaming, "my baby! save my baby!"

having disjointed sleep patterns is so mAjoR!

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